Kisaku is derived from the Indonesian word “Kisahku” which means “My Story”.

Kisaku is all about…

prints and patterns that carry with them stories of yesteryears,

fabric and designs that accentuate our personalities, and

lending a hand to the future generations who will keep our stories going.

Kisaku works with passionate Indonesian designers and artisans specialising in crafting batik and other heritage-infused fashion collections.

Our partners are exclusively selected for their commitment to quality and their passion for heritage-inspired fabrics depicting rich meaning through detailed intricacies. They are also chosen for  their ingenuity in crafting the fabrics and materials into modern wear to bring only the best for your next statement piece.

Kisaku Story

Kisaku is a dream in the making for Felicia and Lenny.

Felicia and Lenny met through their postgraduate study. Each has been separately searching for avenues to give back to their home country in ways that empower the talented future generations.

On one Sunday afternoon over cups of lattes, they put their heads together to talk over some ideas.  Through their travels, education and work, they have been blessed with countless encouraging help in the form of time, grants and mentorship from various people and organisations and wish to pass these blessings forward. Marrying up their interests in education and deep appreciation of Indonesia’s rich heritage, they settled on opening up an online platform that promotes wearable heritage. The platform will also be a channel for professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping and empowering others by enabling them to gain practical skills and further their education.

The education loan that Lenny received for her tertiary education inspired the MicroEduLoan program which will be the vehicle to ensure the gift will keep giving.  Indonesia's rich heritage transpiring through fabrics and handicrafts were chosen for their uniqueness and distinct characteristics. Traditionally worn as formal wear, batik and other weaved fabrics have slowly and creatively seeped into day and evening wear that are modern, elegant yet distinctly unique. The past has caught up with the future and now is the perfect time to start sharing these newfound gems. Felicia and Lenny hope you find them just as enchanting as they do.

So, what Kisaku is really all about?

Kisaku has two goals. One, that it will become a platform for Indonesian artisans and crafters to promote their product overseas, starting with Australia. Secondly, that it will provide a channel for professionals and entrepreneurs alike, such as yourself, to take part in shaping the future generation in any way that you can. Be it through your mentoring time, a seed fund for the education loan or just through purchasing one of the many ethically sourced products in the offer.

For every purchase through Kisaku, a percentage of the profit will be set aside for setting the MicroEduLoan. The educational micro fund will be accessible to the eligible talented young generations allowing them to pursue a skill-enhancing course of their choice. Kisaku will also provide a mentoring program to guide these young talents to succeed in the workplace.

If you find yourself sharing the same passion for shaping the future of the young ones and if you are interested in learning more about Kisaku's MicroEduLoan initiative and mentoring program, please shoot an email here.

Who are we?

Felicia was born and raised in Jakarta. She spent her formative years in New Zealand. She then left the minute she got her bursary, found herself traversing the world for the next ten years before eventually settling down in Melbourne five years ago. She spends most of her free time sketching and getting lost in her (not so) new hometown. 

Lenny came from a small town called Jambi. After graduating from high school, she obtained a tuition grant from the Singapore government to pursue her undergraduate studies. She enjoys baking and exploring new food places in her spare time. Aside from having lived and worked in Singapore, Lenny also had the opportunity to work in and travel to various parts in the USA and Asia.

Collectively, Felicia and Lenny have more than 15 years of experience in business strategy and supply chain. They have very different interests and personalities, but what they have in common are their passion for their home country Indonesia, the longing for contributing back to the society and general persistence and stubbornness which happen to be Kisaku’s greatest assets!

Learn more about our initiative here

About us

Kisaku is an online platform specialising in crafted batik and other Indonesian heritage-infused fashion collections.

Part of our profit will be set aside for our MicroEduLoan initiative which will enable creative talents in Indonesia to access programs that will equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Learn more about our story through this link here

Kisaku is a registered Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria

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